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The Roman Catholic Parish for Weymouth and Portland, Dorset, UK

Our Lady - Star of the Sea

our Church is dedicated to St Joseph

Welcome to the Parish of Our Lady, Star of the Sea which serves Weymouth and Portland, situated in South Dorset, one of the most beautiful areas of England. We hope that this site will give you an appreciation of the work being carried out in Weymouth and Portland in the witness and celebration of our Catholic Faith. If you are planning to visit this area, please take the time to visit newly extended and refurbished Church of St Joseph. The times of Masses and other services may be found here

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With the advent of Elizabeth I to the throne in 1558 the plight of the ordinary man-in-the-street, Catholic, worsened. The new religion was imposed on the land by a series of Acts of Parliament and the Old Faith made well nigh impossible by a system of heavy fines. In 1570 the very existence of a Catholic Priest on English soil was by Law declared to be high treason and punishable by death


The sculpture of The Martyrs at Dorchester by Dame Elisabeth Frink was erected in 1986 at the cross roads of Icen Way and South Walks, Dorchester. The three figures and the stainless steel plaque commemorate those who kept the Faith alive despite harsh laws and the pursuivants such as Richard Topcliffe who zealously roamed the country seeking out priests and suborning those who would be prepared to betray them.

Locally, Blessed John Cornelius was taken prisoner at Chideock with three laymen and put to death in Dorchester in 1594. Also commemorated are the names of many other men and women, priests and laity executed at this spot including that of Saint Alexander Briant, executed at Tyburn in 1581.

The Names of the Martyrs, and the years in which they were executed, died or sentenced are inscribed on the plaque at South Walks Dorchester.

Alexander Briant and John Cornelius were Jesuits.

St Alexander Briant SJ1581 William Pike, Carpenter1591
John Slade, Schoolmaster1583 St Eustace White, Priest1591
Fr Thomas Hemerford1584 — Moorcock, Artisan1591
Fr John Munden1584 Fr William Patterson1592
Fr William Warmington1585 Blessed John Cornelius SJ1594
Fr John Adams1586 Thomas Bosgrave Esq1594
Fr Thomas Pilcher1587 John Carey, Serving man1594
Fr John Hamblin1587 Patrick Salmon1594
John Jessop, Gentleman1588 Fr Hugh Green1642
Helen Tremain (wife of Samson Tremain)1588   

Of these, Fr Pilcher, Fr Cornelius, Fr Green, William Pike, Thomas Bosgrave, John Carey, Patrick Salmon and - Morecock were hanged, drawn and quartered here; Fr Warmington was banished and John Jessop and Helen Tremain died in Dorchester gaol. The others commemorated on this plaque were executed at Tyburn or Salisbury.

Alexander Briant was executed at Tyburn on 1 December 1581 alongside fellow Jesuit Edmund Campion. Eustace White followed them to Tyburn just over 10 years later on 10 December 1591. All three were canonised by Paul VI in 1970.

At the foot of the plaque is a poem by Saint Robert Southwell executed at Tyburn in 1595.

Not where I breathe, but where I love, I live;

Not where I love, but where I am, I die;

The life I wish, must future glory give,

The deaths I feele in present daungers lye

Omnes Sancti Martyres, orate pro nobis!


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 St Joseph’s Entrance 
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Address and Map to St Joseph’s Church
  1 Stavordale Road, Weymouth DT4 0AB map.png
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By 1979, as a result of the unremitting zeal of Priests and Parishioners, there were no less than 7 Catholic Churches in Weymouth and Portland. However within these last 33 years, Churches have had to be closed one by one. Shortage of priests has been one reason but another is that with better transport and with parishioners being more mobile, there is not the same need to have a Church in every locality. Our many churches carry with them a rich history and this can be accessed via the 'History' button on the left hand side of this page.

The latest Church to close – 8th September 2012 – is St Augustine’s. This had originally opened for worship on 22nd October 1835 and was the first Catholic Church to be established in this area since the Reformation.

St Joseph’s Church, dedicated on 19th March 1934, is now the Parish Church of Our Lady, Star of the Sea. Over the past months, it has been refurbished and extended to accommodate worshippers from the original parishes. There is a completely new parish hall. To see the various features of the refurbished Church, please click on the small arrows to the right and left of the picture above.

Photographs of St Augustine’s Church and a short description can be found by clicking this link.

Similar pages will be prepared for the Church of Our Lady and St Andrew, Portland and the other Churches in the area as information emerges.


Almighty God and Father, we come before You as Your children to implore Your divine assistance and intercession at this time, when our nation is moving further and further away from You and Your teachings. Its various governments are pursuing a secular agenda, enacting laws that are contrary to Your divine law and to Your law of nature, laws that would further marginalise Your Church and Your people.

Father, strengthen our faith and our willingness to be seen and counted as Your witnesses at this time. Help us to do all that we can to oppose existing and proposed legislation offensive to Your Holy Name

We ask this through Your beloved Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

Prayer courtesy of Rev Fr Stephen Geddes, Parish Priest


Parish Priest: Rev Fr Stephen Geddes Tel No: 01305 786033
Deacon: Rev Geoffrey Carey Tel No: 01305 786033
Deacon: Rev Dr Jonathan de Kretser Tel No: 01305 832945
Parish Office: 1 Stavordale Road Weymouth DT4 0AB Tel No: 01305 786033
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