Cathedral Church of St Mary
and St Boniface


Bishops who have served in the Plymouth Diocese

YEAR Bishop Appointed Notes
From To
 Vicars Apostolic of the Western District (Titular Bishops)
1809Peter Bernadine Collingridge 18th October 1809 March 1829Titular Bishop of Thespiae (Died in Office)
1829Peter Augustine Baines O.S.B. 3rd March 1829 6th July 1843Titular Bishop of Sigus (Died in Office)
1844Charles Michael Baggs 9th January 1844 16th October 1845Titular Bishop of Pella (Died in Office)
1846William Bernard Ullathorne O.S.B. 21st June 1846 28th July 1848Titular Bishop of Cabasa
1848Joseph William Hendren O.F.M 10th September 1848 29th September 1850Titular Bishop of Martyropolis. Became the first Bishop of Clifton 29th September 1850
1850The Hierarchy of England Restored
1851George Errington 27th June 1851 30th March 1855Appointed Coadjutor Archbishop of Westminster
1855William Vaughan 12th July 1855   
1858William Vaughan    Cathedral Church of St Mary and St Boniface dedicated
1855William Vaughan   24th October 1902Died in Office
1902Charles Maurice Graham 25th October 1902 16th March 1911Retired
1911John Joseph Keily 21st April 1911 23rd September 1928Died in Office
1929John Patrick Barrett 7th June 1929 2nd November 1946Died in Office
1947Francis Joseph Grimshaw 2nd June 1947 11th May 1954Appointed Archbishop of Birmingham
1955Cyril Edward Restieaux 9th April 1955 19th November 1985Retired (died 27th Feb 1996)
1985Hugh Christopher Budd 19th November 1985 28th January 2014Retired
2014Mark O’Toole 28th January 2014