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Human-animal hybrids (Chimeras)

Turning to the question of human-animal hybrids embryos (chimeras - admix embryos as the proponents like to refer to them), Fr Dylan reminded us what a hybrid is. A hybrid has the same DNA mix in every single cell in the body. A good example is a mule, a cross between a horse and a donkey.

He said that scientists were creating hybrids, clones or chimeras, as a source of stem cells or later as a source of spare parts for organ donation
He asked if we create a human-animal hybrid what is the result?
Is it a product for someone else to benefit from?

Or it is a person - a good to whom the only proper attitude is love.
He quoted the late Pope John Paul II , as Karol Wojtyla in his book 'Love and Responsibility' :
"A person is a kind of good which does not admit of use, and cannot be treated as an object of use, and as such a means to an end"
Father Dylan challenged us to reconsider our attitudes to hybrids and chimeras. We should not look on them as "monsters". As the hybrid and chimera embryos will contain human DNA there is every reason to think that such creatures will be beings of a rational nature, i.e. 'persons', and thus be worthy of respect and worthy of human rights.
Download a copy of Fr Dylan's paper