Priests and Religious who have served at St Augustine's Church

YEAR Parish Priest Assistant Priest(s) Deacon(s) Events of Note
1819 Abbé Alexandre J Simon     Lodgings in 63 St Mary Street
1820 Abbé Alexandre J Simon     Until 8th August 1820
1820 Abbé Pierre Dubuisson      
1822 Abbé Pierre Dubuisson     Returned to France in Spring 1822
1822 James McDonnell      
1823 Rt Rev Peter Augustine Baines     Maintained a presence in Weymouth from this date
1824 Francis Edgeworth     From October 1824
1825 John Burke     Stayed between September - November
1827 E B Moutardier S.J.     Between 1827 and 1830, served by the Jesuit Fathers from Lulworth.
Bishop Baines at Weymouth from time to time during this period.
1830 Peter Hartley      
1835 Peter Hartley     St Augustine's Church built
1835 Joseph Canon O'Dwyer      
1837 Thomas Butler DD OP      
1841 Thomas Canon Tilbury      
1855 Herbert Canon Woollett     Canon Woollett served from October to November of 1855
1855 James Carey Lawrence Smythe   Fr Carey served from November to December of 1855
1856 Thomas Martin Hoskins Miss. Apost. Walter Buckle    
1857 Thomas Martin Hoskins     Opens a school in Weymouth
1857 James Dawson      
1860 William Walsh      
1863 Denys Byrne      
1863 John Charles     Fr Charles succeeded as Priest in December 1863
1866 John Charles     Temporary Church of Our Lady shown on OS map of Portland in 1866
1868 John Charles     Church of Our Lady and St Andrew consecrated
1870 John Charles     A school built at the back of the Church
1876 William J D'Arcy      
1877 Wiliam Meagher      
1893 Patrick Canon O'Brien     Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (Picpus Sisters) start a High School in Carlton Road.
1899 T Skuse     Death of Canon O'Brien. Fr Skuse did duty at Weymouth until the appointment of Fr Barry.
1899 David Barry     Fr Barry begins the fight for a new school at Walpole Street.
1904 David Barry     St Augustine's School opened at Walpole Street
1911 Thomas Sheehan     Fr Sheehan starts the Catholic Men's Society.
1923 Jules Ketele     Fr Ketele decides that the Catholic community needs a more central church. He starts a building fund and the search for a suitable site
1925 Jules Ketele Patrick Dwane    
1926 Jules Ketele William Fox    
1928 Jules Ketele Edward O'Dea    
1932 Jules Ketele Hubert Prior    
1932 Jules Ketele E Carey DD    
1933 Jules Ketele E Carey DD   Foundation stone for St Joseph's laid, Wednesday 3rd May 1933
1934 Jules Ketele     St Joseph's Church consecrated Wednesday 18th April 1934 St Augustine's becomes a Chapel of Ease
  Served from St Joseph's      
1935       St Augustine's celebrates its centenary October 1935
1948 Michael McSweeny Maurice O'Donoghue   St Augustine's re-established as a separate parish
1949 Robert Lyons Francis Gallagher    
1950 Robert Lyons Sydney J Duggan    
1954 Robert Lyons John R Day   Opening of the Holy Family Chapel of Ease at Upwey.
1956 Robert Lyons John Kinane   St Charles' Church, Wyke Regis consecrated
1958 Robert Lyons John Kinane   Pope Pius XII dies. Cardinal Roncalli succeeds him as Pope John XXIII
1960 Robert Lyons David Gibson    
1963 Robert Lyons David Gibson   Pope John XXIII dies. Cardinal Montini succeeds him as Pope Paul VI
1966 Eugene Reynolds T Fleming    
1968 Terence McCaffrey T Fleming    
1970 Terence McCaffrey Keith Collins    
1974 Terence McCaffrey Robert Foley    
1978 Terence McCaffrey Robert Foley   Pope Paul VI dies. His successor, John Paul I reigns for just 1 month. Cardinal Karol Wojtyla elected as John Paul II
1979 Terence McCaffrey Charles Richardson    
1980 Keith Collins Charles Richardson    
1981 Keith Collins Daniel Longland    
1981 Peter Webb John Deeney    
1986 Peter Webb John Mordaunt    
1986 Peter Webb John Mordaunt John Webb    
1986 Patrick Mulvaney John Mordaunt John Webb    
1995 Patrick Chrystal      
2000 Philip Dyson   Geoffrey Carey  
2004 Philip Dyson   Geoffrey Carey August: Sudden death of Fr Patrick Mulvaney. Requiem mass at Holy Trinity Dorchester. November: The Holy Family Chapel of Ease is closed after 50 years. The last mass held on 21st November
2005 Philip Dyson   Geoffrey Carey April: Death of Canon Michael Walsh Death of Pope John Paul II Election of Pope Benedict XVI
2005 Philip Dyson   Geoffrey Carey St Charles' Church closed on the death of Canon Walsh
2007 Stephen Geddes   Geoffrey Carey Combined with St Joseph's and Our Lady and St Andrew to become the parish of Our Lady Star of the Sea
2007 Served from St Joseph's   Geoffrey Carey