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Sexual Politics at the Vatican

VATICAN, October 17 (C-FAM Reports)

At an Extraordinary Synod of Catholic bishops taking place in Rome at least one African bishop has complained about the intervention of radical sexual mores being imposed upon Africa by the West.Nigerian Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama told the assembly:

“We are confronted by some issues, and sometimes [they are] quite perplexing. We recently had a big conference on pro-life issues, and in that conference, we came out very clearly to ascertain the fact that life is sacred, marriage is sacred, and the family has dignity.

“We get international organizations, countries, and groups which like to entice us to deviate from our cultural practices, traditions, and even our religious beliefs. And this is because of their belief that their views should be our views. Their opinions and their concept of life should be ours.

“We say, No we have come of age.”

Though the Archbishops’ concerns did not make it into the final document, they point up one of the central divides not just between Western countries and Africa but a similar split in the Catholic Church. The document produced by the Synod that was released this past Monday was full of concerns of liberal Westerners and not much for those in the developing world which now makes up a majority of the Catholic Church.

The document released on Monday was supposed to represent the conversation among 180 bishops from around the world and would be the blue print for ongoing negotiations.

Immediately 41 Bishops, almost a quarter of the total rose in complaint that the document did not represent their wishes or the conversations that took place last week. The document suggests there are gifts given to homosexuals that can benefit the Church, that the church must recognize what is good in homosexual relationships, and also what is good in couples living together without marriage. The document also suggests that the divorced and civilly remarried may receive the sacrament of communion.

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Euthanasia - We must be Zealots and shout No! – Max Wind-Cowie

Last Friday, commenting in the “Catholic Herald” on the recent debate in the House of Lord’s on the proposed bill to allow “Assisted Dying” (aka Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia), Max Wind-Cowie writes that we should not act as if we had already lost the argument. Rather we should be Zealots and shout “No!”

Read his article by clicking here

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We must work twice as hard as the advocates of assisted suicide – Ann Farmer

Ann Farmer is a writer and researcher living in Essex. Her book “By their Fruits” exposed the lies of the liberals who fudged the statistics to get the 1967 Abortion Act passed. Her website where you can read some of her articles is here. Ann writes well argued letters on pro-life issues to the national newspapers and the Catholic press. Last week, commenting on the Falconer Assisted Dying bill in the Catholic Herald, she made the following points:

SIR - You rightly note the dangers of high-powered advertisements for Lord Falconer's "assisted dying" Bill (leading article, July 11).

Sadly, the pro-life movement can not match the deep pockets of the pro-death movement, or perhaps we would be able to mount a campaign highlighting the fact that the vast majority of sick, disabled and elderly people do not want to be “helped to die” by being killed; that opinion polls supporting such measures really show that many who are fit and well think they would rather be dead than disabled; that when-those same people find themselves in that situation, they might change their minds - but it might be too late, for “assisted death” might be all that is on offer, as terminal cancer patients in Oregon have found.

However, if the pro-death movement has lots of money, it has relatively few people and even fewer arguments apart from the very persuasive ones that suicide is a right and that critics must lack compassion.

In contrast, the pro-life movement has lots of people and lots of arguments, but we need to make those arguments heard while there is still time.

We must give a voice to the voiceless, in order to combat the subliminal message of these pro-death advertisements - that the sick and suffering should get on with their deaths so that the rest of us can get on with our lives.

Yours faithfully, ANN FARMER, Woodford Green, Essex

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Pluripotent Stem Cells can be made from Skin Cells

Researchers have for the first time converted cultured skin cells into stem cells with near-perfect efficiency.

In 2006, scientists first showed that mature cells could be reprogrammed to act like embryonic stem cells - capable of growing indefinitely and of becoming any type of cell in the body, a property known as pluripotency. But the production of these induced pluripotent stem cells remained mysteriously inefficient. Low cell-conversion rates have thwarted efforts to study how the process, called reprogramming, happens. It has also discouraged the development of techniques to produce stem cells under the stringent conditions required for therapeutic applications.

But in work described today in the respected scientific journal Nature, Weizmann stem-cell researcher Jacob Hanna and his team have reprogrammed cells with nearly 100% efficiency. Moreover, the researchers show that the cells all transition to pluripotency on a synchronized schedule.

Some years ago, Fr Dylan James, invited by Fr Stephen gave a talk on embryology at St Augustine’s Hall. If you click on the button on the left margin of this page labelled “Embryology”, you can still access Fr Dylan James’s talk and refresh your memory.

Fr Dylan reminded us that the use of stem cells created from adult tissue does not present any ethical problems. Furthermore the use of these cells in therapy have been shown to positive results.

On the other hand, the use of stem cells from embryos, involves the destruction of the embryo and is therefore no different from abortion.

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Pope Francis publicly condemns Abortion and the “Culture of Waste” – 20th September 2013


The Holy Father in a recent speech made a plea for the unborn and also those at the end of their lives:

“Each one of us is invited to recognize in the fragile human being the face of the Lord, who, in his human flesh, experienced the indifference and loneliness to which we often condemn the poorest, either in the developing nations or in the developed societies. Each child that is unborn, but is unjustly condemned to be aborted, bears the face of Jesus Christ, bears the face of the Lord, who, even before he was born, and then as soon as he was born experienced the rejection of the world. And also each old person and – I spoke of the child, let us also speak of the elderly, another point! And each old person, even if infirm or at the end of his days, bears the face of Christ. They cannot be discarded, as the ‘culture of waste’ proposes! They cannot be discarded!”

As Lawrence says in his blog That the Bones you have crushed may thrill   “I have a funny feeling the media will not report it, but this will be a welcome boost to those who have dedicated their lives for campaigning for the unborn child.”

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Archbishop Eamon Martin’s warning of excommunication if Catholic Politicians vote for abortion

Archbishop Eamon Martin, who will succeed Cardinal Brady as Primate of Ireland next year, has warned Enda Kenny and other Catholic politicians that if they vote for the legalisation of abortion they immediately excommunicate themselves, and must not present themselves to receive Holy Communion.

“You cannot regard yourself as a person of faith and support abortion,” Martin said in an interview with The Sunday Times. “You cannot believe you are with your church and directly help someone to procure an abortion. This includes medical professionals and the legislators.”

“If a legislator comes to me and says, ‘Can I be a faithful Catholic and support abortion?’ I would say no. Your communion is ruptured if you support abortion. You are excommunicating yourself. Any legislator who clearly and publicly states this should not approach looking for communion.”

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Kermit Gosnell's House of Horrors and the disgrace of the Mainstream Media

Over the past weeks, we have watched in horror at the revelations emerging from the trial of Dr Kermit Gosnell, who ran an abortion clinic in Philadelphia, and killed babies even when they had survived the womb. The details of what he did are too gruesome to describe here (the details will be found if you google his name – but you may wish you hadn’t).

Suffice to say that he has now been convicted three counts of murder - a 42 year old mother and three newly born babies. These are just a handful of the hundreds of post natal killings he has conducted over the years.

The atrocities unfolded with the tacit permission of numerous levels of authority in the government, as well as within the health care and abortion industries.

The mainstream media, which is predominantly liberal and pro-choice also showed little interest in the story - which combined elements of murder, macabre practices, and economic and racial health disparities - until a tweetfest generated more than half-a-million comments using the #Gosnell hashtag.

Planned Parenthood - lauded by President Obama recently when he called on God to bless the organisation - tried to argue that the reason was that not enough money had been poured into the service. Meanwhile Gosnell himself was making millions of dollars.

As the Gosnell trial ends, another abortionist Dr Douglas Karpen has been accused by three former employees of similar practices. Karpen is now being called the Texas Gosnell.

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Rome – Pope Francis joins the March for Life 12th May 2013

Pope Francis

Pope Francis surprised about 40,000 Italian and international participants in today's Marcia per la Vita (March for Life) Internazionale in Rome this morning, when he left the Apostolic Palace to greet them personally from his popemobile in the street where they were lined up.

By spontaneously joining the March for Life, the Holy Father has made it clear by actions as well as words, his full support of the unborn child and his abhorrence of abortion. The so called Catholic liberals who seek a softening of the Church’s stance against abortion and other social issues after the “harsh” pontificate of Benedict XVI are going to be very disappointed.

“Defend the unborn against abortion even if they persecute you, calumniate you, set traps for you, take you to court or kill you. No child should be deprived of the right to be born, the right to be fed, the right to go to school.”, he said at the start of his pontificate.

It will be interesting next year. With an expectation of the Holy Father’s presence at the march, there could be far more than 40,000 marchers!

Admitting the Lie – 26th January 2013


Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant.TV has posted an insightful report on the latest state of thinking of the pro abortion lobby.

Speaking at Friday's March for LIFE in Washington, attended by over 400,000 people, Michael points out that for years the pro-abortion lobby maintained that the foetus in the womb was nothing but a bunch of cells, of protoplasm etc, but as technology developed, it could be seen by everyone that there was a real child there.

Now the pro-abortion lobby are changing their tune. They now admit what they have refused to do over the last 40 years.

Here is their new mantra. . .“Yes there is a child in the womb - but SO WHAT? It's still a woman's right to choose”

The cat is out of the bag. They have been lying for over 40 years. Click here to here Michael’s report


Thus the final moves in the programme for the culture of death programme are beginning to be being played out. If it is right to kill a human being in the womb because that human being is inconvenient, what's to stop people arguing that it is right to kill anyone who is inconvenient - the disabled, the mentally unstable, the socially disruptive, the elderly . .

Last year, some ethicists argued that what they called 'post natal abortion' aka infanticide could be justified.

And meanwhile this week David Attenborough, who holds the distinction of being canonised by the BBC before he is dead, is arguing that human beings are a plague on planet Earth.

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Washington DC – Annual March for Life 25th January 2013


The March for Life traditionally takes place at on 22nd January each year to commemorate the passing of the Roe v Wade Abortion act and the opening of the floodgates to abortion in the US. Since that infamous day over 55 million babies have been aborted in the USA.

This year the march was delayed until 25th January to allow clean up after the Presidential inauguration. The march was bigger than ever with over 400,000 marchers, mostly young people. The Holy Father sent a message of support via a Tweet.

H/T to Fr Zuhlsdorf who in his blog shows some interesting pictures of the day and who retweeted the Holy Father’s message.

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Dutch Abortion Ship blocked from entering Moroccan Port – 15th September 2012

A Dutch ship has been chartered to offer abortions to women outside the territorial waters of countries where abortion is banned. However, it recently ran into stormy waters.

The Portuguese refused to let it sail within the water of Portugal and now Moroccan authorities have banned it from entering the Port of Smir

The Moroccan health ministry said on Wednesday that the ship would not be allowed to operate in the country and called on the authorities to apply the law against the group and the ship, the AFP news agency reported.

Might this ship be considered a latter day Flying Dutchman, with the Captain vowing to carry out abortions but cursed to sail the seven seas for ever? However, sadly it will always have a warm welcome in our benighted UK, where the government and people walk in darkness.

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Salute Italy’s Conscientious Doctors – 4th October 2012

Mercatornet reports that in the lovely Italian hill town of Jesi, not far from Ancona on the Adriatic coast all 10 of the town’s gynaecologists are refusing to carry out abortions. And in the town of Treviglio, near Bergamo in Lombardy, a similar problem has arisen: 24 out of 25 anesthesiologists in the four hospitals serving a population of around 350,000 refuse to be involved in abortions, and 24 out of 28 gynecologists-obstetricians are also conscientious objectors.

The latest data (2007-2009) also show that the overwhelming majority of Italy’s gynaecologists are conscientious objectors when it comes to abortion. A regional breakdown shows a range from a low of 52 percent in Emilia-Romagna (part of Italy’s so-called “red belt”, in political terms) to a high of 85 percent in Basilicata in the south. Indeed, objectors account for over three-quarters of their profession in 10 out of the 21 Italian regions. The national average has been as high as 71 percent. Jesi and Treviglio are just two local examples of good news on the life front coming out of Italy.

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Pope Benedict: “If we want peace, let us defend life!” – 15th September 2012

At the end of his successful visit to Lebanon, the Holy Father made a call on all religions to make a commitment to peace. He also pointed out that peace starts with the family and promoting the overall culture of life. he said:

“To build peace, we need to look to the family, supporting it and facilitating its task, and in this way promoting an overall culture of life. The effectiveness of our commitment to peace depends on our understanding of human life.

“If we want peace, let us defend life!

“This approach leads us to reject not only war and terrorism, but every assault on innocent human life, on men and women as creatures willed by God. Wherever the truth of human nature is ignored or denied, it becomes impossible to respect that grammar which is the natural law inscribed in the human heart.

“The grandeur and the raison d'être of each person are found in God alone. The unconditional acknowledgement of the dignity of every human being, of each one of us, and of the sacredness of human life, is linked to the responsibility which we all have before God.

“We must combine our efforts, then, to develop a sound vision of man, respectful of the unity and integrity of the human person. Without this, it is impossible to build true peace.”

For the full speech see Rome Reports

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Archer’s Fans asked to vote on aborting a baby – 14th September 2012

Fans of “The Archers”, have protested at a grotesque poll by the BBC which invites them to vote as to whether one of the characters should abort their unborn child which has been diagnosed as Downs Syndrome.(See the Daily Telegraph, September 12th)

The programme which has been running since the early 1950’s is billed as “An everyday story of country folk” though for some years now, metropolitan values have entered arcadia.

Why are we not surprised by anything that the BBC puts out? For many years now the BBC has been in the vanguard of a woman’s right to choose – the method of abortion that best suits her.

And all paid for by the licence fee – i.e. by you and me.

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The Paralympics inspire us all – 12th September 2012

A correspondent in the Catholic Herald this week reflects the thoughts of many in this country after watching the Paralympics over the last two weeks. “The sight of severely disabled contestants achieving the most amazing success has brought me to tears countless times”, he says. He goes on to say that it is a sad and sobering thought that those born with their disability could so easily have been the victim of the pro-abortion culture.

In the UK today, the law allows abortion up to birth if the child is suspected as suffering a disability however minor.

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Cardinal Dolan’s Benediction at the Democrat Convention – 11th September 2012

Cardinal Timothy Dolan surprised people last week when he announced that he would be offering the benediction at the Democratic National Convention — an odd occurrence, considering the Catholic Church's ongoing debate with the Obama administration over the controversial contraceptive and abortion mandate.

Still, the Cardinal extended the ultimate olive branch and, in an effort to appear unbiased, he delivered closing remarks at both political conventions.

He was heard with courtesy at the convention, and the video shows that many delegates were praying with him. But – following his remarks, some liberals launched into Twitter tirades, sending expletives Dolan’s way. The reason? He prayed for the protection of the unborn during the Democrat National Convention, an apparent cardinal sin in the eyes of some Democrats who decry pro-life sentiment.

Dolan encouraged everyone in attendance to protect the lives of the unborn. “Grant us the courage to defend life … waiting to be born, welcomed and protected,” he said. He also prayed for “life, without which no other rights are secured.”

Some of the other words that may have riled pro-choice liberals were as follows: “God grants us the right to life so we can choose liberty and happiness … We praise You for the gift of life, grant us the courage to defend it.”

Following his prayer, detractors went on an anti-Dolan extravaganza — or, as LifeSiteNews puts it, they “tweeted F-bombs” to the Catholic leader. According to the news site, hundreds of angry liberals took to Twitter to deride the Cardinal.

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Maternal Mortality and the Irish Abortion Debate — 24th August 2012

An argument often used by those who favour abortion is the health of a pregnant woman. It was an argument put by the proponents of the abortion act of 1967 in the UK. But it was pointed out by Dr Michael Jarmulowicz 20 years ago that the published statistics do not bear this out. In the years leading up to the 1967 Abortion act, maternal mortality rates were falling steadily and the effect of the abortion act did not change the steady rate of fall. If the Abortion Act had made a difference, there would have been a significant drop after 1967. No such drop was observed.

The other way of looking at this is to compare maternal mortality rates with that of Ireland where abortion is still illegal. Cora Sherlock of Life Site News observes:

“Women don't die in Ireland because abortion is illegal here. We have a lower maternal mortality rate than countries such as the Netherlands or the UK, where abortion is legal. This fact is often dismissed by those who would like to see abortion introduced here, but their arguments ignore the fact that pregnant women in Irish hospitals already receive whatever treatment they need for an existing medical condition. The only difference is that doctors here have a duty of care towards the unborn child as he or she is recognised as a separate patient. The same cannot be said of the UK, for example, where abortion is legal up to 24 weeks and up to birth if the baby is suffering from even a minor disability.

“Earlier this year, The Daily Telegraph carried out an undercover investigation which revealed systematic abuses in a number of abortion clinics, including the illegal practice of sex-selective abortion. Babies are born alive during "botched abortions" in the UK – and then left to die.

“These facts are unpalatable, but it is incumbent on those who advocate the introduction of abortion to explain how we will be any different to countries such as the UK, which introduced abortion on supposedly ‘limited grounds’ and subsequently found it impossible to restrict or control. Legally, there is no obligation on the Government to introduce abortion. The oft-quoted ABC European court decision merely obliged us to state our laws clearly; it did not state what those laws should be but recognised the right of the Irish people to decide this issue.”

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NHS Hospital Trusts censured for illegal abortions — 21st July 2012

In March, after The Telegraph revealed that abortion clinics throughout Britain were illegally offering abortions on the basis of the sex of a foetus, to his credit, Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, although prochoice ordered an immediate investigation of abortion providers by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

For his pains, Mr Lansley came under fire from Labour for "chasing headlines" while the chairman of the CQC, Dame Jo Williams, complained that the investigation had forced her to divert staff from inspecting care homes for the elderly and would make it difficult for the CQC to "deliver our annual targets".

The Care Quality Commission carried out 249 inspection reports at abortion providers. The investigators from the Care Quality Commission discovered that staff were routinely forging certificates, largely involving doctors pre-signing consent forms without seeing patients. Fourteen NHS hospitals have been formally censured after regulators found they were conducting potentially illegal abortions. The NHS trusts were found to be forging certificates with doctors pre-signing consent forms without seeing patients.

Mr Lansley said he was "shocked and appalled" to learn that some clinics may be allowing doctors to pre-sign abortion certificates

"I was appalled," he said. "Because if it happens, it is pretty much people engaging in a culture of both ignoring the law and trying to give themselves the right to say that although Parliament may have said this, we believe in abortion on demand."

Yet the response of both the Labour Party and abortion providers has been openly contemptuous. Diane Abbott, the shadow health minister, said the CQC report had shown that there had been no poor outcomes of care for any patients at these clinics and that this "blew out of the water" Mr Lansley's justification for his "raids". Ann Furedi, the chief executive of bpas (formerly the British Pregnancy Advisory Service) whose business depends almost entirely on fees received by carrying out abortions paid for by the British taxpayer, described pre-signing as a "regulatory matter" and said it was "shocking" that resources had been "squandered" on the investigation.

This article is a precis of a number of reports by the Daily Telegraph

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Catholic School Bus Fire-bombed in Rockford Illinois — 15th June 2012


A large school bus, owned by Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy, that is well-known throughout Rockford for its beautiful pro-life pictures and words asking people to “pray to end abortion”, was fire bombed on Friday night (15th June). The damage was extensive to the bus as windows were broken in on both sides and fire bombs were thrown inside to cause maximum damage.

It has been speculated that this bombing of a pro-life Christian school bus is in retaliation for the closing of the Rockford abortion mill that is located not far from where the school bus was attacked.

The local media ignored what happened but they highlighted an old act of violence from the pro-life side about 12 years ago.

See Lifesite News

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Big Abortion looks to protect its income streams — 7th May 2012

Arland Nichols, National Director of Human Life International in an article published by Zenit relates the problems being faced by the abortion industry in the USA. Big Abortion is being faced with a problem in that medical students graduating do not wish to do abortions. While they might argue the woman's right to choose, fewer are willing to get involved with this process. And as the current practioners retire there are fewer to do the work. Also the majority of Americans are prolife and states are passing more and more restrictions every year.

Big Abortion, is looking to other income streams to keep up their profits.

a) they are focusing on international efforts and in this they are being assisted by the likes of Hillary Clinton who is leading the charge through the UN to make abortion a human right. Third world states are being bullied to get in line or risk being deprived of foreign aid. However, to their credit, not all third world countries are acceding to this pressure.

b) there is also a focus on contraception as a money spinner, especially if Big Abortion can buy the pills at a cheap rate and sell them dear. Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (PPACA also known as Obamacare) Big Abortion can get the pills under price controls — typically between $1 and $3 for a monthly dose. Under PPACA, it's apparent that it is now going to cost insurers $60 a month for these "free" contraceptive pills.

Big Abortion can gain $40 or $50 dollars every month for to provide the pills to a woman using her regular method plus $20, $30, or $40 dollars every time she thinks she might have erred. If she remains with child after the first week in spite of this hormonal assault, she can fall back on the more traditional chemical abortion, or even surgical abortion as long as she can find one of the dwindling number of providers.

Nice one, Obama.

Read the whole article here.

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Irish Parliament rejects a proposal to permit abortion under limited circumstances — 21st April 2012

The Irish Parliament rejected a bill by a 109-20 vote that was aimed at making abortion more widely available to its citizens. While the measure purports to only legalize abortion “for termination of pregnancy where a real and substantial risk to the life of the pregnant woman exists,” the bill’s sponsor, Clare Daly, of the opposition Socialist Party made it clear that the real goal is promoting easily accessible, legal abortion regardless of the circumstances.

The Catholic Lawyers Blog says that this is not a cause for celebration, rather that there is relief that it could have been worse. The proposal was to allow abortion up to birth.

Although a majority of 109 voted against this Bill, a number of the people voting agaisnt the Bill clearly stated that they were not doing so because abortion was murder and wrong, but because of technical and legal wrangling.

It is expected that a watered down version will appear before the Dail later this year

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A Muslim looks at respect for Life — 17th April 2012

Suzi Ismail is a visiting professor at DeVry University, North Brunswick, New Jersey. In remarks made in the Princeton University Chapel on ‘Respect Life Sunday’ she explains the Muslim view of respect for life and quotes Mother Theresa

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.

Life is beauty, admire it.

Life is a dream, realize it.

Life is a challenge, meet it.

Life is a duty, complete it.

Life is a game, play it.

Life is a promise, fulfill it.

Life is sorrow, overcome it.

Life is a song, sing it.

Life is a struggle, accept it.

Life is a tragedy, confront it.

Life is an adventure, dare it.

Life is luck, make it.

Life is too precious, do not destroy it.

Life is life, fight for it.

You can read the whole of this interesting speech by clicking here

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Andrea Bocelli — 4th April 2012

Andrea Bocelli was born with poor eyesight and became blind at 12 years old after a footballing accident. He is now an internationally renowned singer and he tells what he calls a “little” story about abortion.

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Successful gathering for 'Precious Memories' in Weymouth — 25th Mar 2012

Weymouth and District LIFE Group's 'Precious Memories Gathering' was held at St Mary's Church Weymouth on Sunday, 25th March. It was open to people of all faiths and none who had lost a child either before birth (miscarriage or abortion) or during infancy or childhood.

People lit candles to remember their lost child and wrote their name on a notelet which was placed in the book of remembrance. 39 children were remembered on the day. All attendees were given a service booklet and small bouquet to take away with them.

Six people took on an extra booklet to give to someone they knew who would appreciate it. In this way we were able to reach out to them also.

Interestingly, attendees had made friendships last year over tea. These were renewed and more friends made on the day. In this way they are supporting and comforting each other..

The event was sponsored by the Weymouth and District LIFE Group. The Rev Betty Port, Deacon of St Andrew's Church led the service. Alice de Kretser sang, to piano accompaniment by Michael Lobo, Head Teacher at St Augustine's School.

Readings were by Priscilla McGowen, Jeremy Parkinson, Judith Boichot, Sarita de Kretser, Mary Jennings and Joyce Fannon. Mary Wilkins and Mary Jennings helped organise the distribution of candles and bouqets in the church. Rev Betty Port, Rev Daile Wilshire, (team Curate at St Andrew's Church) and Joyce Fannon provided a listening service on the day. Jill Mason and Kathy Cody organised the refreshments

As this service provides comfort to many people who have lost a child either before birth or afterwards, we hope that this can be an annual event.

Download the booklet here

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US Billionaires fund the push for Abortion in Ireland — 16th Mar 2012

It has long been known how governments pour taxpayers money into pro abortion organisations. The International Planned Parenthood Federation is just one of them with a budget of over $120,000,000 p.a. A disturbing article published in Lifesite News reveals how billionaires life George Soros and Chuck Feeney and others are pushing to legalise abortion in Ireland by lavish funding of pressure groups. The author of the article claims that one group, calling itself the Irish Council for Civil Liberties would hardly exist without support from these so called philanthropists, as its income from the general public is can be counted in a few thousand dollars. It is not hard to see why there is an interest in this. If governments legalise abortion, then these organisations can benefit from provision of tax payer funded services — a money stream that will grow and grow

Closer to home, BPAS is recognised as a Charity yet it get most of its money from the taxpayer. It is rather a government agency.

A question is where is democracy when big bucks can carpet bomb all the media outlets with lies and half truths? Negative advertising works, as evidenced by the use of this by political parties in the USA

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Bioethicists give a thumbs up to Infanticide — 25rd Feb 2012

If abortion, why not infanticide? This question has for a long time been dismissed by abortionists, but is now being raised by Bioethicists Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva in the Journal of Medical Ethics

They argue that both the foetus and the new-born infant are only potential persons without any interests. Therefore the interests of the persons involved with them are paramount until some indefinite time after birth. They claim that that killing a newborn could be ethically permissible in all the circumstances where abortion would be. To emphasise the continuity between the two acts, they term it “after-birth abortion” rather than infanticide.

Some of us might argue that this is already being practised in the US where partial birth abortion is permitted. And the slippery slope can also be applied at the end of life. Might a person with dementia be considered as having no interests?

To read the report click here which gives a link to the Journal of Medical Ethics.

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Gendercide comes to the UK — 23rd Feb 2012

The Daily Telegraph has exposed the illegal abortions carried out by clinics in this country aborting babies because they are female. Anne Farmer of Woodford Green, Essex, in her letter to the editor points out that

“It may seem odd that a ‘woman's right to choose’ should encourage her to choose to abort a child because it is female, but pro-choice feminists have been conspicuous by their silence on such issues, warning that to criticise gendercide in China and India might damage abortion rights in this country. Now gendercide has come home”. As pointed out earlier, Anne Farmer is one of the stalwarts of the Labour LIFE Group.

Another correspondent relates how her experience of working in an abortion clinic moved her from a position of ignorance to strongly against abortion on demand.

You can read these letters by clicking here

Christina Odone writing in her blog points out the cowardice of the artistic establishment in their refusal to criticise abortion.

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Schadenfreude? — 22nd Feb 2012

Schadenfreude - a german word which has passed into our language, and is used to express pleasure at someone else's distress. Not a Christian attitude certainly.

But it is difficult to supress a scintilla of glee at the news that the Spanish Abortion clinics have a big cash flow because the Government cannot pay them. The Socialist Government which came to power in the aftermath of the Madrid terrorist attacks in 2004, was voted out of office in November 2011. During that time Zapatero subsidised abortion on demand leading to a vast increase in abortions. Currently however, with Spain in a deep economic black hole the Government owes nearly 5 million euros (6.5 million dollars) in missed payments to local clinics for abortion services and has been unable to make any promises on how it expects to pay its debts. Click here to read the article. The new Government is likely to repeal the liberal abortion laws which Zapatero and his Socialist compadres were so keen on passing.

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Adult Stem Cells in the news again — 18th Feb 2012

A BBC news item reports that doctors in the USA have managed to heal damage from a heart attack by using adult stem cells taken from the the patient's own heart. This is another instance of the use of adult stem cells to cure disease. the use of adult stem cells has no ethical problems, and has so far produced positive results for

Fr Dylan James (parish priest at St Edward’s Church, Salisbury gave us an informative and interesting presentation at St Augustine's a few years ago, and the report of his presentation is worth reading again.

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Put your money where your mouth is! — 10th Feb 2012

“Put your money where your mouth is” is a popular BBC programme screened on weekdays at 5:15 pm, where professional antiques dealers compete using their own money to pick up bargains at car boot sales, antiques fairs and auctions to find the best bargains which they can resell at a profit. Profits go their chosen charities. This week David Harper won and announced that his profits of over £2000 would go to Zoë’s Place, the Baby and Children’s Hospice at Middlesborough. There are three such hospices in the UK at present, at Middlesborough, Liverpool and Coventry offering respite, palliative and terminal care to babies and infants up to 5 years of age who have terminal illnesses. Zoë’s Place is a sister charity to LIFE and receives little public funding, relying on donations of over £2.5M p.a. Their website is at

Well done David! You know that your money money will be well used.

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USA - Big Abortion’s Gangster Tactics — 7th Feb 2012

The Susan G Komen foundation in the USA is the global leader of the breast cancer movement, having invested more than $1.9 billion since inception in 1982. As the world's largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists, they work together to save lives, empower people, ensure quality care for all and energize science to find the cures. (Taken from their website).

It appears that the Komen foundation was until recently providing grants to Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the USA carrying out over 300,000 abortions a year. This year Komen announced that this would be no longer the case, for reasons that Planned Parenthood was being investigated for criminal activity, and besides, Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms but refers on to other providers.

Sounds logical? Yes - the only wonder is why Komen ever provided any grant to Planned Parenthood.

However, logic does not apply in this area.

All hell broke loose.

Over the past week there have been claims by the media and certain people in Congress of 'prolife bullying'. Komen was pilloried and forced to make an apology. Whether Komen stands firm or not is still in doubt. Statements have been made that Planned Parenthood is still eligible to apply for a grant (with the subtext that Komen will look carefully at what that organisation propose to do with any grant to fight breast cancer).

There is an excellent article in MercatorNet this week by Sheila Liaugminas about Big Abortion’s Gangster Tactics.

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“Evil talks of tolerance only when it is weak” — 6th Feb 2012

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia gave an insightful speech at the Cardinal O'Connor conference on Life in Washington on 22nd January. He made some pointed and chilling remarks in the context of the changes in American society and attitudes. For example:

“Evil talks about tolerance only when it's weak. When it gains the upper hand, its vanity always requires the destruction of the good and the innocent, because the example of good and innocent lives is an ongoing witness against it. So it always has been. So it always will be.”

He urged Americans never to give up the struggle for Life. He recalled Vince Lombardi, coach of the Green Bay Packers who said that glory was getting up after being knocked down again and again, and getting up one more time than the other guy.

Thanks to Joanna Bogle for drawing this inspirational speech to our attention.

It is impossible to justice to this speech in a few words - but you can find it by navigating to the website via clicking this link. Alternatively, you can download a pdf copy by clicking here.


Charles Chaput (pronounced Sha-pyoo) was born in Concordia, Kansas, one of three children of Joseph and Marian Helen (née DeMarais) Chaput. His father was a French Canadian who was directly descended from the French saint King Louis IX. His mother was a Native American of the Prairie Band Potawatomi tribe; his maternal grandmother was the last member of the family to live on a reservation. Chaput himself was enrolled in the tribe at a young age, taking the name Pietasa ("rustling wind").

He was appointed Archbishop of Denver in 1997, the first native American to be appointed as an Archbishop. He was appointed Archbishop of Philadelphia in 2011.

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World Health Organisation calls for Legal Abortion in the Developing World — 2nd Feb 2012

A widely publicized report in The Lancet medical journal calling for the legalization of abortion contained inflated numbers, flawed data collection and highly misleading language.

However, the paper suffers from three main faults. First, the authors use quasi-legal rather than medical definitions. Second, the authors use problematic data collection. Third, the authors have manipulated the data non-transparently. These recurring problems in World Health Organization (WHO) data on maternal mortality have been well documented.

For a full report see the Friday Fax published by CFAM here

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Council of Europe Bans Euthanasia — 28th Jan 2012

Last Wednesday, 25th January, 2012, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) adopted a Resolution stating that “euthanasia must always be prohibited”. This articulates a strong principle for life and against euthanasia, given that, for the first time, euthanasia has been so clearly rejected by a European political institution.

This is a third major victory for life and dignity of the weakest, after the 2010 resolution that strengthened freedom of conscience for doctors and medical staff and after the European Court of Human Rights asserted last year that there is no right to euthanasia or assisted suicide under the European Convention.

Luca Volontè, Chairman of EPP Group in the PACE, underlines this:

“last year we have obtained a great victory reaffirming the right of medical practitioners to conscientious objection; today we have also fought a good battle and we have won, thanks God, against a real ideological tyranny of culture of death (...); now euthanasia is completely banned from PACE”.

For further information, see here

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Pro-LIFE March Washington DC — 25th Jan 2012

This is a time lapse account of last years march in Washington DC. It lasts one minute but gives a powerful overview of just how many people turned up last year

This year's took place on Monday last (23rd January) and was just as well supported. Here's a link to a post from the National Review. (It takes a long time to load because there are just so many photos)

As usual the News Media tried to ignore the march altogether, or try to minimise it by photographing the handful of pro abortion demonstrators and implying equality.

A handful of pro choice protester infiltrated a LIFE meeting at the Hyatt hotel and tried to disrupt it by shouting slogans. They were escorted out by the hotel management.

Many commentators are saying that the pro choice lobby in the USA is losing the argument

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Unborn child not 'just a parasite' — 12th Jan 2012

A standard pro-abortion argument hinges on the premise that a baby inside his mother's womb attacks her bodily integrity. The developing baby is seen in this light as an intruder, a parasite, a threat to the woman's autonomy.

But science paints a vastly different picture about the actual relationship between a baby in utero and his or her mother, showing that, far from being a parasite, the unborn child can help heal the mother for the rest of her life.

During the pregnancy cells from the child pass into the mother's body and vice versa. One type of foetal cell that enters into the mother's body is the baby's own stem cells, which can be pluripotent. The baby's foetal stem cells can actually become the mother's own cells that make up her liver, heart, or brain.

As the mother's cells also pass into the child, this means that everyone of us carry as part of our bodies our mother's cells, and and our grandmother's and so on and so on. An interesting thought!

For more details see this link to Lifesite News

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Blogs and Information Sources

Christian Medical comment

Dr Peter Saunders is the CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship, a UK-based organisation with 4,500 UK doctors and 1,000 medical students as members. Peter writes informatively on current moral issues including abortion, euthanasia and libertarianism.

Labour Life Group

The Labour Life Group’s website has this page which records letters to the press. One of the stalwarts is Mrs Anne Farmer who some years ago wrote a book ‘By Their Fruits’ which exposed the lies and half-truths used by eugenics and population control groups to get the Abortion Bill passed in 1967.

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